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02/16/2020Rev. Robbie Gibson The Spirit Filled Life: Filled and Thrilled with the Spirit (200216_001.MP3)
Holy Spirit, Sermon, Sunday Morning Ephesians 5:18-21
As Christians, we are to be filled and thrilled with the Holy Spirit. Our life must reflect a Holy Spirit filled life of joy.
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02/23/2020Rev. Robbie Gibson Spirit Filled Life: Prayer, Praise and Power (200223_001.MP3)
Holy Spirit, Sermon, Sunday Morning Acts 4:24-28
The Christ must be living a Spirit-filled life. How does he obtain such a life? Through prayer and praise. What does such a life look like? It is lived out with power.
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06/23/2019Rev. Robbie Gibson Rise Up, O Lord! - Seeking the Savior More Than the Blessing (190623_003(1).MP3)
Sermon, Sunday Evening Psalms 17
When we face difficult circumstances, it is okay to pray for God's help, but our greatest need is God's presence. Do you want the Savior more than you want the saving? Do you want the blesser more than you want the blessings?
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02/16/2020Rev. Robbie Gibson Joshua: The Commissioning (200216_002.MP3)
Book of Joshua Study, Sermon, Sunday Night, Victorious Christian Joshua 1:1-9
Study of the book of Joshua - Part 1: Joshua is commissioned by God as the leader of the Children of Israel after the death of Moses. The victorious Christian must have a calling and command and must be courageous.
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02/23/2020Rev. Robbie Gibson Joshua: The Commander (200223_002.MP3)
Book of Joshua Study, Sermon, Sunday Night, Victorious Christian Joshua 1:10-18
Book of Joshua Study - Part 2. Joshua takes command of the children of Israel and instructs them to prepare for the Journey God has in store for them. Obedience will lead to the victorious Christian life.
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01/27/2019Brandon Baxley Discipleship: Being and Making Disciples (05_Track_5.mp3)
Baptist Men's Sunday, Special Service, Discipleship Matthew 28:19-20
A message on being and making disciples. A call for men of God to rise up and be a disciple of Christ.
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